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Absolut Passionfruit 1000ml 38%


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Absolut Passionfruit captures the essence of spring and summer, making it the ideal companion for evening gatherings or laid-back sunny afternoons. Crafted with a delightful blend of passionfruit and orange blossom, this vibrant vodka is versatile, perfectly suited for creating refreshing spritzes or tantalizing cocktails that celebrate the vibrant flavors of the tropics.


Absolut Passionfruit: A Taste of Bliss

Unveiling the Essence of Passionfruit

Experience the vibrant spirit of summer and the allure of evening gatherings with Absolut Passionfruit, a tantalizing flavored vodka that captures the essence of passionfruit in every sip. This exquisite vodka, infused with the blend of passionfruit and orange blossom, is the perfect companion for various occasions, whether you’re hosting a late-night soiree with friends or basking in the sun on a leisurely afternoon.

Artistry in a Bottle

The unique bottle design of Passionfruit is a work of art in itself. Adorned with freehand brush strokes and vibrant colors, it beautifully abstracts the essence of passionfruit. The bottle’s visual appeal adds a touch of sophistication to any gathering, making it an attractive addition to your collection.

Crafting Your Passionfruit Experience

Creating your passionfruit-infused concoction is a breeze with Absolut Passionfruit. Try our signature “Passion for Days” cocktail by combining lemonade, mango, and lime juice in an ice-filled highball glass. Garnish it with a lime wheel and a pineapple leaf for a refreshing and Instagram-worthy treat. But that’s just the beginning; Passionfruit offers a world of mixology possibilities, ensuring that every sip is a unique journey of flavor.

Made with Natural Flavors

At Absolut, we’re committed to using natural flavors to deliver an authentic taste experience. Our passionfruit-flavored vodka is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. You can explore a wide range of delectable cocktails using Absolut Passionfruit.

Delighting Your Senses

What can you expect from Absolut Passionfruit? Prepare to be enchanted by its delightful aroma and taste, reminiscent of sun-ripened passionfruit. With elegant notes of tropical fruitiness, including oranges and tangerines, this vodka embodies the essence of a tropical summer escape. Whether you’re enjoying it poolside, at a beachfront party, or during a late-night sunset by the water, Absolut Passionfruit promises to transport your taste buds to a world of vacation vibes.

Elevate your cocktail game and make every gathering memorable with the tantalizing taste of Absolut Passionfruit. Discover the essence of passionfruit in a bottle and create moments that capture the spirit of summer.

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