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Supposedly the first Italian Amaro to ever hit the shelves. First produced in Milan in 1815, by Ausanoa Ramazzotti a doctor and herbalist. A tonic wine produced with gentian root, rhubarb, cinnamon and Sicilian orange peel, and a total of over 33 herbs and roots, this is a refreshing and sweet Amaro with a powerful orange flavour. A delightful digestif that could have plenty of uses in cocktails, with its orange forward profile.


Introducing Amaro Ramazzotti – A Timeless Italian Elixir

Elevate your spirits with the enchanting allure of Amaro Ramazzotti, a revered Italian liqueur crafted with precision and passion. Inspired by a rich heritage dating back to 1815, this exquisite libation is meticulously blended to offer an indulgent journey through Italy’s aromatic landscapes and centuries-old traditions.

Here’s why it deserves a cherished place in your collection:

Captivating Flavor Profile: Amaro Ramazzotti entices the senses with a symphony of herbal and botanical notes. Thus creating a harmonious blend of bitter and sweet. Immerse yourself in its complex flavors, which include hints of orange peel, gentian root, and spices. The result is a delightful balance that tantalizes your taste buds with every sip.

Exceptional Craftsmanship: This time-honored elixir is carefully curated using a secret family recipe that has been passed down for generations. The precise selection of botanicals and meticulous maceration process ensure a consistent, high-quality product that has stood the test of time.

Versatile Mixability: Whether you’re a mixologist or a casual cocktail enthusiast, Amaro Ramazzotti is a versatile addition to your bar. It serves as the perfect base for classic cocktails like the Negroni or the Americano, and its complex flavor profile can elevate your creativity in crafting unique concoctions.

Rich History and Tradition: Ramazzotti, a name synonymous with Italian excellence, has been producing this amaro for over two centuries. Each bottle carries with it the legacy of Italian craftsmanship and an enduring commitment to quality that has made it a beloved choice worldwide.

Distinctive Packaging: Amaro Ramazzotti’s iconic amber bottle, adorned with the brand’s signature crest, is not just a vessel but a testament to its timeless charm. Display it proudly in your collection or offer it as a luxurious gift to someone special.

Unforgettable Moments: Whether enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif, or as the heart of a memorable cocktail, Amaro Ramazzotti is the key to creating cherished moments with friends and loved ones. Savor the taste of Italy and let it transport you to its sun-kissed landscapes.

Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Italy. Order your bottle today from our online shop, and experience the magic of this legendary Italian amaro for yourself. Elevate your spirits and celebrate life with Amaro Ramazzotti – where tradition meets timeless indulgence.

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