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Angostura 1919 is a marvelous anejo made from a blend of light and heavy molasses based rums aged for a minimum of 8 years in charred American oak bourbon barrels. Beautifully soft, revealing a generous and long-lasting array of toasty flavors. Enjoy this over ice, with mixers or in a cocktail.


Angostura 1919 Rum: A Legacy of Excellence

Experience the elegance and tradition of the Caribbean with Angostura 1919 Rum. Named in honor of the year when the House of Angostura was established, this exceptional rum pays homage to the rich heritage and craftsmanship of Trinidad and Tobago.

Crafted from the Finest Molasses:

Angostura 1919 Rum begins with the selection of the finest molasses derived from locally grown sugarcane. This high-quality molasses serves as the foundation for a rum that is known for its depth of flavor and character.

Aging for Perfection:

This rum is aged for a minimum of eight years in charred American oak barrels. Thus allowing it to mature gracefully and develop its unique profile. During this time, the rum takes on the subtle influences of the oak, infusing it with notes of vanilla, caramel, and a touch of spice.

Tasting Notes:

Angostura 1919 is a harmonious blend of flavors that captivate the senses. With every sip, you’ll discover layers of butterscotch, toffee, and tropical fruits, complemented by a hint of honey and toasted oak. The finish is smooth and enduring, making it a true pleasure to savor.

Elegant Presentation:

The bottle of Angostura 1919 Rum embodies the spirit of sophistication and quality. Its classic design and the iconic Angostura label make it a distinguished addition to any liquor collection or cocktail bar.

Alcohol Content:

Bottled at a standard 40% alcohol by volume (ABV), delivering a balanced and enjoyable drinking experience.

Versatile Serving Options:

This rum is especially versatile and can be enjoyed in various ways. Whether you prefer it neat, on the rocks, or as the foundation of your favorite cocktails, Angostura 1919 adds a touch of Caribbean elegance to every sip.


Widely available, making it a popular choice among those who seek a taste of Trinidad and Tobago’s finest craftsmanship.

Affordable Luxury:

Offering exceptional quality at an accessible price point,  the ideal rum for those who appreciate the artistry of Caribbean rum-making.

Discover the legacy and flavors of Trinidad and Tobago with Angostura 1919 Rum, a versatile and timeless rum that captures the essence of the Caribbean in every glass.

Feel free to use and adapt this product description to feature Angostura 1919 Rum on your website or promotional materials. It’s a rum that embodies the Caribbean’s rich tradition and brings a taste of elegance to any occasion.


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