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This Bacoo seven year old rum hails from the Dominican Republic, having spent its ageing in bourbon casks. It’s rich and tropical, perfect for some dark rum cocktails, or keep it simple with a splash of ginger beer.


A gift set featuring Bacoo 7 Year Old Rum along with a tiki mug can be a delightful present for rum enthusiasts and collectors. These gift sets often offer a unique and aesthetically pleasing presentation.

Bacoo 7 Year Old Rum:

Experience the captivating allure of Bacoo 7 Year Old Rum. A true gem hailing from the sun-kissed shores of the Dominican Republic. This exceptional aged rum pays homage to the intriguing Caribbean legend of the Bacoo. A mischievous spirit said to dwell within rum bottles, often dubbed the “genie in the bottle.”

Crafted with utmost precision, Bacoo 7 Year Old Rum is distilled from the finest molasses. Afterwards aged patiently for seven years to achieve its remarkable depth of flavor. The result is a rum that transcends the ordinary, offering a journey through layers of exquisite taste and tradition.

Legend Meets Liquid Treasure: The legend of the Bacoo tells of a spirit that can grant wishes to those who keep it content. By offering milk and bananas to this impish guardian, one may find their desires fulfilled. Although, the warning persists: if a Bacoo is confined within a rum bottle, that bottle must be cast into the boundless ocean to keep the spirit at bay. Whoever discovers and releases the Bacoo from its sealed vessel will be granted a wish by this defiant goblin.

Tasting Notes:

  • Color: The rum’s appearance is a rich, inviting dark amber, hinting at its maturity.
  • Nose: Bacoo entices with aromas of brown sugar, buttercream, vanilla, ripe bananas, and the comforting embrace of molasses.
  • Taste: A sip of Bacoo unveils a warm and velvety experience. Including flavors of vanilla, luscious bananas, creamy textures, and a subtle undercurrent of coffee notes.
  • Finish: The journey concludes with a long-lasting finish that carries a touch of gentle bitterness, leaving a lasting impression of complexity and character.

Awards: Bacoo 7 Year Old Rum has garnered acclaim and recognition, including the prestigious GOLD award at the Berlin International Spirits Competition in 2023.

Tiki Mug: The gift set should come with a tiki mug,  designed with unique and tropical-themed artwork. Collectible tiki mugs which can be used for serving rum cocktails or as decorative pieces.


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