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Cynar is an artichoke based bittersweet liqueur known for its versatility and distinctive flavor; its taste is enriched by an infusion of 13 herbs and plants. The name of the drink derives from Cynar scolymus, the botanical name for artichoke, as artichoke leaves lend the distinctive flavor.


Cynar Ricetta Originale

Indulge in the enchanting allure of Cynar Ricetta Originale, the ultimate Italian liqueur that tantalizes the senses with its rich history and unique flavor profile. Crafted with a blend of artichoke leaves, 13 carefully selected herbs, and a dash of secret botanicals, this iconic amaro is a true embodiment of Italian craftsmanship.

A Taste of Tradition

Cynar Ricetta Originale pays homage to its 1952 roots, capturing the essence of Italy’s beloved amaro tradition. Each sip is a journey through time, with the recipe remaining a well-guarded secret for generations.

Flavor Profile

As you savor this exquisite liqueur, you’ll be greeted by a delightful bittersweet symphony. The initial notes of earthy artichoke gently give way to a harmonious blend of herbal complexity. Hints of warm caramel and a whisper of citrus add depth and intrigue to every sip. Cynar Ricetta dances on your palate, leaving behind a lingering, herbal embrace.

Versatile Elegance

Whether enjoyed neat over ice, as a captivating addition to your favorite cocktail, or as a key ingredient in mixology experiments, Cynar Ricetta brings a touch of sophistication to any occasion. Its versatility extends beyond the glass, elevating your culinary adventures as a secret ingredient in sauces, marinades, and desserts.

Sourced from the Finest Ingredients

Cynar Ricetta is meticulously crafted from the highest quality ingredients, sourced from the fertile soils of Italy. Each batch undergoes a meticulous process to ensure that you experience the true essence of this legendary liqueur with every pour.

A Unique Gift

Elevate your gift-giving game by presenting your loved ones with a bottle of Cynar Ricetta Originale. It’s a thoughtful gesture that speaks volumes, promising a taste of Italy’s most cherished liqueur tradition.

Order now and experience the magic of Cynar Ricetta Originale, a liqueur that transcends time and tradition, delivered directly to your doorstep. Cheers to the extraordinary!

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