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Dalmore Luceo is not just a whisky; it’s an illuminating journey through centuries of tradition, bravery, and artistry.

In every drop of The Dalmore Luceo, the heritage of Clan Mackenzie and the dedication of The Dalmore craftsmen converge.

Therefore creating a whisky that not only stands the test of time but also illuminates the path for those who appreciate true excellence

Luceo is part of Dalmore Fortuna Merita collection originally released for travel retail.

Matured in Apostoles-sherry casks, this displays the classic distillery notes of cherries and toffee, along with nuts and ginger.


Dalmore Luceo: Illuminating Elegance in Every Sip

Unveiling the Legacy: Luceo Non Uro

In the year 1263, the Clan Mackenzie etched their destiny with valor, saving King Alexander III of Scotland from the charge of a fierce stag. Rewarded by the grateful monarch, the Clan received the motto ‘Luceo Non Uro,’ translating to ‘I Shine, Not Burn.’ This courage and fortune resonated through the ages, culminating in the Clan’s stewardship of The Dalmore distillery in 1867. The legacy of ‘I Shine, Not Burn’ became the heartbeat of The Dalmore, a belief cherished and honored ever since.

The Artistry of The Dalmore

At The Dalmore, we embrace the philosophy that true whisky excellence, akin to great art, is a pursuit mastered by the select few. Our eight distinctive stills forge a spirit unparalleled in richness and complexity. The journey to greatness continues through maturation in exclusive casks, chosen meticulously by our Master Distiller Richard Paterson.

Dalmore Luceo emerges as a masterpiece, originating from a meticulous blend of spirits sourced from our finest American white oak ex-bourbon casks. Serving as the ideal canvas, this assemblage undergoes refinement in first-fill Apostoles sherry casks from the revered Gonzalez Byass bodega. Having cradled the finest sherry for three decades, these casks impart a full and opulent character, ensuring that this single malt doesn’t just stand apart—it radiates.

Crafting Complexity: Tasting Notes

Aroma Indulge your senses in the exquisite scents of Cognac-soaked Madeira cake, tangy fruits, treacle tart, crushed almonds, and praline chocolate.

Palate Experience the symphony of flavors with Parkin cake, pistachios, plums, frangipan, Colombian coffee, and Sanguinello blood oranges.

Finish The grand finale unveils notes of Maple syrup, Demerara sugar, sweet muscatel, and gingerbread, leaving a lasting impression.

The Dalmore Luceo is not just a whisky; it’s an illuminating journey through centuries of tradition, bravery, and artistry. Elevate your spirits with a sip of history—where every drop tells a tale of courage and brilliance

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