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Dooley’s Toffee 1000ml 17%


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Dooleys Toffee Cream liqueur has been winning awards and turning heads all over the world since its introduction in 2000. The flavors are pure and very approachable making it a hit with spirits professionals, bartenders, and casual drinkers alike. Dooley’s credits their Vodka base for its easy mixability and versatility at the bar. Additionally, Dooley’s has much less fat than most cream liqueurs which makes it a popular choice when sipping cream liqueurs on the rocks.


Introducing Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur – A Sweet Indulgence for Your Palate!

Are you ready to embark on a decadent journey of flavor? Look no further than Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur, the enchanting elixir that combines the rich, buttery goodness of toffee with the smooth allure of cream. Crafted to perfection, Dooley’s tantalizes your taste buds with every sip, making it the ultimate treat for liqueur enthusiasts.

Indulge in Toffee Bliss

Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur is a masterful fusion of toffee’s sweet, caramelized notes and the velvety embrace of Irish cream. This irresistible liqueur brings together the warmth of toffee with the creaminess of the finest Irish ingredients, resulting in a harmonious blend that’s nothing short of heavenly.

A True Taste of Quality Dooley’s Cream Liqueur is known for its commitment to quality. Made with the utmost attention to detail, this delightful liqueur is created using premium ingredients, including genuine toffee and the finest Irish cream. The result is a product that meets the highest standards of excellence.

Versatile and Irresistible Whether sipped neat, on the rocks, or as part of your favorite cocktail, Toffee Cream Liqueur offers a versatile drinking experience that suits any occasion. Pour it over ice for a luscious nightcap, mix it into coffee for a delightful twist, or get creative with cocktail recipes that will leave your guests craving more.

Perfect for Gifting Searching for the ideal gift for a special someone? Look no further than Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur. Its elegant presentation and heavenly taste make it a thoughtful present for any celebration or gathering. Spread the joy of indulgence with Dooley’s!

Shop with Confidence When you choose Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur, you’re not only selecting a taste sensation but also a product with a reputation for excellence.

Experience the magic of Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur for yourself and treat your senses to a symphony of toffee-infused delight. Don’t miss out on this sweet indulgence that’s perfect for savoring, gifting, and creating unforgettable moments. Buy your bottle of Dooley’s Toffee Cream Liqueur today and elevate your liqueur experience to a whole new level!

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