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Golden Eagle is a Greek wheat vodka from northern Greece (Thrace) based on an old Russian recipe. Absolutely clear with unique purity with sub-bitter elements and mild notes of citrus and minerality. It will be the ideal base for cocktails.


Introducing Golden Eagle Vodka: A Fusion of Northern Greek Craftsmanship and Russian Heritage

A Legendary Blend

Unlock the legendary taste of the Golden Eagle Vodka, an exquisite embodiment of the rich cultural fusion between Northern Greece and Russia. Crafted meticulously based on a time-honored Russian recipe, this fine spirit encapsulates the essence of old-world artistry and contemporary excellence.

Unparalleled Quality

Handpicked from the finest grains, every drop of Golden Eagle Vodka is meticulously distilled and filtered. Thus ensuring unparalleled purity and smoothness. Embracing the spirit of the Northern Greek legacy, the vodka’s production process is an ode to traditional craftsmanship.

Distinctive Character

Distinguished by its crisp, clean taste and subtle hints of the Eastern European heritage. Promises a sensory journey like no other. Its velvety texture and gentle, refined flavor profile make it a true connoisseur’s choice. Whether savored neat, in a classic cocktail, or as the base for innovative mixology creations.

The Spirit of Celebration

Elevate every occasion with the Golden Eagle Vodka, the ultimate companion for jubilant festivities and intimate gatherings alike. Its versatile nature allows for a myriad of cocktail possibilities. Thus guaranteeing that each sip is an experience to be savored and remembered.

Embrace the Golden Touch

Embrace the spirit of the Golden Eagle Vodka and indulge in a taste that transcends borders and time. Elevate your drinking experience with this exceptional blend that embodies the essence of both Greek and Russian traditions. Therefore offering a truly remarkable addition to your collection of fine spirits.

Experience the Legacy

Immerse yourself in the legacy of the Golden Eagle Vodka and discover the essence of cultural amalgamation within every bottle. Elevate your drinking experience with this exceptional blend that captures the spirit of craftsmanship and history, making it an essential choice for those who appreciate the art of true distillation.

Transform your drinking experience with the Golden Eagle Vodka and unlock the taste of tradition, purity, and unparalleled craftsmanship.

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