Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve 700ml 40%


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A truly superb dark golden rum made in Bermuda by Goslings, who are of course much more famous for their Black Seal rum of Dark ‘N’ Stormy fame. To overlook this complex sipper would be a mistake, however – we think it’s a hidden gem.


Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve

Origin: Bermuda

Aged to Perfection: Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve is a true masterpiece of the rum-making craft. It is meticulously aged in oak barrels for an extended period. Thus, allowing it to develop a complex and refined character that embodies the essence of Bermuda’s rum heritage.


Rich and Luxurious:

This premium rum boasts a rich, mahogany color that hints at the depth of flavor within. Upon pouring, you’ll be greeted by enticing aromas of toffee, vanilla, and oak, resulting in an exceptionally smooth experience.


Complex Flavor Profile:

Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve offers a complex flavor profile that includes notes of caramel, dark chocolate, and roasted coffee beans, complemented by subtle hints of tropical fruits and spices. Each sip reveals layers of flavor, making it a true delight for rum connoisseurs.


Sip and Savor:

This rum is best enjoyed neat or with a single ice cube, savoring its intricate flavors and the warmth of its long, satisfying finish. It’s the perfect companion for quiet evenings of contemplation or special occasions with friends and family.


Collector’s Item:

Packaged in an elegant and distinctive bottle, Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve is not only a superb rum but also a collector’s item that showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and tradition.


Heritage and Legacy:

With over two centuries of rum-making expertise, Goslings Old Rum Family Reserve is a tribute to the enduring legacy of the Gosling family and their dedication to producing exceptional rums that are cherished worldwide.

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