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This limited edition celebrates the 125th anniversary of when Jack Daniel first flung open the doors of his Red Dog Saloon. Originally located in Lynchburg’s town square, the saloon survived only through myth and legend until today. This special bottling commemorates the days when you could buy a drink of Jacks smooth sippin Tennessee Whiskey in the town where it was made. Like every drop of Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey, this release is distilled in Lynchburg, just as it was when the Red Dog Saloon opened back in 1892.


Jack Daniels Red Dog Saloon: Unveiling the Legend in Every Sip

Unraveling the Myth: A 125-Year Mystery Encased in a Bottle

In celebration of the 125th anniversary of Mr. Jack Daniels iconic Red Dog Saloon, we proudly present the limited edition Red Dog Saloon Tennessee Whiskey. Step back in time to an era where the lively spirit of Lynchburg thrived. The Red Dog Saloon stood as a testament to the art of smooth sippin’.

Commemorating the Legends of Lynchburg

Situated on the Lynchburg town square, the Red Dog Saloon’s legacy lives on in this special edition whiskey. Although only myths and legends remain of the original establishment, our limited edition Red Dog Saloon aims to capture the essence of the days when Jack’s renowned Tennessee Whiskey was enjoyed in the heart of its birthplace.

Crafted in Tradition, Distilled in Lynchburg

Every drop of this limited edition whiskey is distilled in Lynchburg. Thus staying true to the tradition set by Mr. Jack Daniel when he opened the doors of the Red Dog Saloon in 1892. Experience the echoes of history as you savor the same smooth and authentic Tennessee Whiskey that graced the glasses of patrons over a century ago.

Recreating the Red Dog Experience

Immerse yourself in the lively atmosphere of the Red Dog Saloon, reminiscent of its sister establishment, the White Rabbit Saloon. Just like the good old days, expect an 86 proof whiskey that encapsulates the vibrant notes of music, camaraderie, and conversation. We invite you to relish your Red Dog Saloon Tennessee Whiskey and create your own moments steeped in history.

Limited Edition, Widely Enjoyed

Bottled at 86 proof, the Red Dog Saloon is a rare gem available in select markets internationally. Embrace the opportunity to be part of this exclusive experience. Raise a glass to the enduring legacy of Lynchburg’s most iconic saloon.

Indulge in the mystique of the Red Dog Saloon with every sip. Let the spirit of Lynchburg’s history come alive in this limited edition Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

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