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J&B is inspired by an Italian, created in London and distilled in Scotland, J&B Rare is unlike any other Scotch whisky. It brings together 42 single malt and grain whiskies and carefully blends them to create a subtle, smooth and complex flavour.


J&B + Glass 2019 Gift Set: A Timeless Blend for Exquisite Moments

Delight in the perfect symphony of taste and style with our J&B + Glass 2019 Gift Set. Crafted to elevate your drinking experience, this exclusive set embodies the essence of luxury and sophistication. Thus making it an ideal choice for discerning connoisseurs and those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Unveiling the Essence

Bask in the unparalleled essence of J&B’s finest blend meticulously aged to perfection. With its rich heritage dating back to 1749, J&B has been celebrated for its distinctive character and smooth, balanced flavors. Therefore setting it apart as a timeless favorite amongst whiskey aficionados worldwide.

The Exquisite Glass

Savor the intricate notes and aromas of the signature J&B blend in the bespoke 2019 edition glass. Carefully designed to heighten your tasting experience. Its elegant curves and premium craftsmanship not only enhance the visual appeal but also ensure every sip is savored in style.

Distinctive Packaging

Encased in an impeccably designed package, the J&B + Glass 2019 Gift Set epitomizes sophistication and refinement. Its exquisite presentation makes it an ideal choice for gifting, reflecting a gesture of impeccable taste and thoughtfulness.

Versatile Pleasure

Whether it’s a celebratory occasion, a cozy evening by the fireside, or a moment of personal indulgence, this gift set is your companion for every memorable moment, adding a touch of class and elegance to every experience.

A Lasting Impression

Exuding an air of exclusivity and class, the J&B Gift Set leaves a lasting impression on the most discerning whiskey enthusiasts. Make your mark with a gift that speaks volumes about your impeccable taste and appreciation for the finer nuances of life.


Elevate your spirits with the J&B + Glass 2019 Gift Set, a harmonious blend of tradition, sophistication, and exquisite taste. Embrace the timeless allure of J&B and relish in the finer moments, one sip at a time.

Invest in the J&B Gift Set today, and let every moment be a celebration of perfection and refinement.

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