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Discover the unparalleled sophistication of Johnnie Walker XR 21 Year Old, a whisky meticulously crafted to honor the legacy of Sir Alexander Walker II. Immerse yourself in a world of assured balance and elegance, where every sip tells a story of dedication and mastery.


Johnnie Walker XR 21 Year Old: A Symphony of Elegance and Richness

Unveiling the Extraordinary

Dive into the extraordinary world of Johnnie Walker XR 21 Year Old, an assurance of balance and elegance that captivates with layers of intensity, promising a delightful experience. Crafted to perfection, this whisky reveals sweet honey and nuanced spices embraced by a gentle wisp of warming smoke. Let’s explore the fascinating journey of this 21-year-old masterpiece.

Aromatic Symphony: Waves of Spice and Subtle Sweetness

Indulge your senses in waves of spice, gracefully giving way to the inviting notes of vanilla and honey. The aromatic profile sets the stage for the extraordinary tasting experience that awaits.

Flavorful Complexity: Caramel, Hazelnuts, and Dark Chocolate Dance

As you take the first sip, experience a harmonious dance of flavors. Caramel and hazelnuts intertwine, coursing through the richness of dark chocolate. Each sip is a journey through a realm of exquisite taste.

Luxurious Culmination: A Finish That Lingers

The culmination is a luxuriously long, warming, and smoky finish. The echoes of the tasting journey linger, leaving a lasting impression. It’s a finale that defines the complexity and depth of this exceptional whisky.

Sir Alexander’s Legacy: A Tribute to Craftsmanship

Crafted to honor the exceptional legacy of Sir Alexander Walker II, a master blender of unparalleled skill, John Walker & Sons XR 21 stands as a testament to his dedication. Knighted by King George V in 1920, Sir Alexander’s commitment to exceptional whiskies is immortalized in this exquisite blend.

A Sip of History: 21 Years in the Making

Blended from a reserve of rare whiskies, each aged for a full 21 years, this whisky embodies the culmination of time, patience, and craftsmanship. Inspired by Sir Alexander’s handwritten notes, it offers a unique taste of history in every sip.

Savor the Experience: Neat or with a Twist

Indulge in Johnnie Walker & Sons XR 21 year old in any way you desire, but we recommend savoring it neat. Pour 45 ml into a whisky tumbler and accompany it with a glass of chilled, freshly-siphoned soda water. Elevate your moments with a touch of sophistication.

Embark on a journey of discovery with Johnnie Walker XR 21 Year Old — a whisky that transcends time, offering an unparalleled depth of character waiting to be explored.

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