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José Cuervo Especial Silver 38° is versatile, ultra-smooth tequila which adds a rebellious twist to any mixed drink or cocktail. Its uniqueness comes from blending young silver tequilas with specially selected oak barrel-mellowed tequilas. It has a subtle taste with just a touch of sweetness.


Jose Cuervo Especial Silver Tequila: A Smooth Symphony of Tradition and Flavor

Crafted Excellence at La Rojeña

Indulge your senses in the world of tequila with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver, a true masterpiece meticulously crafted by the master distillers at La Rojeña. Renowned for its unparalleled smoothness, this silver tequila is a delightful blend that captivates with tones of agave, caramel, and fresh herbs. Therefore making it a must-have for tequila enthusiasts.

From the Heart of Mexico: Blue Agave Elegance

Harvested from the Cuervo Family Estate, the largest agave holder in all of Mexico. Jose Cuervo Especial Silver is a testament to the exceptional quality that comes from rich volcanic soil, pure spring water, and a temperate climate. This tequila is a pure expression of the land, delivering a clean, crisp, and smooth taste that reflects the essence of its origin.

Versatility Redefined: Enjoyment in Every Sip

Jose Cuervo Especial is incredibly versatile, offering a plethora of serving options suitable for any occasion. Whether sipped straight, on the rocks, mixed, or as part of your favorite cocktail, the refreshing delights of Jose Cuervo can be enjoyed with friends, making every moment memorable.

A Legacy of Excellence: Since 1795

Embrace the heritage of the world’s number 1 Tequila—Jose Cuervo. With a legacy dating back to 1795 when King Charles IV of Spain granted the first-ever concession to produce Tequila commercially, Jose Antonio de Cuervo embarked on a journey that would become the birth of Tequila. The recipe and process have been diligently passed down through ten generations. Thus establishing Jose Cuervo as the most awarded family of Tequila in history.

Distinctive Features That Set Jose Cuervo Apart

  • Made with Blue Agave: The heart and soul of Jose Cuervo Especial Silver.
  • Family-Owned for 10 Generations: A legacy of passion, commitment, and expertise.
  • Gold Medal Accolades: More than any other tequila, a testament to its exceptional quality.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian-Friendly: Embrace the purity of Jose Cuervo without compromise.

Elevate your tequila experience with Jose Cuervo Especial Silver, a timeless embodiment of tradition and taste. Join us in celebrating the original Tequila since 1975, where each sip is a journey through centuries of craftsmanship and excellence.

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