Kythrea Single Malt Ex Bourbon Cask 700ml 50.6%


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Indulge in the extraordinary – Kythrea Single Malt Ex Bourbon Cask is a celebration of Cyprus’s natural bounty and Aristides Distilling’s unwavering dedication to craft.

Imbibe in a sensory journey that encapsulates the essence of this unique island, one sip at a time.

Experience the legacy, embrace the flavor, and let Kythrea be the centerpiece of your whisky collection.


Kythrea Single Malt Ex Bourbon Cask: A Cyprus Whisky Masterpiece

Unlocking the Essence of Cyprus Terroir

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Cyprus’s natural bounty with our Kythrea Single Malt Ex Bourbon Cask, a testament to the island’s abundant sunshine and volcanic soil. Sourced exclusively from local ingredients, the grains, botanicals, and fruit that form the heart of this exquisite whisky encapsulate the unique character and intense aroma of our picturesque island.

Crafted by Aristides Distilling: Pioneers of Cyprus Whisky

Aristides Distilling proudly leads the Cyprus Whisky movement, and our Kythrea series stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. Introducing the first-ever Single Malt Cyprus Whisky, born from our signature six-row barley, aptly named “Kythrea.” Malted, mashed-in, fermented, distilled, and aged in ex-bourbon American oak casks at our distillery in Tseri, Nicosia, this whisky boasts a deep amber-ruby hue, a rich aromatic nose, and a tantalizingly smooth, fruity, sweet, and zesty character.

A Symphony of Flavors Unveiled

Unfiltered and undeniably unique, our Single Malt Whisky is a harmonious blend of toasted oak, vanilla, caramel, toffee, and butterscotch. The ex-bourbon casks impart hidden spice undertones that reveal themselves in a crescendo towards the end, creating a sensory symphony that captivates the palate. The meticulous combination of local six-row barley “Kythrea” and wheat varieties results in a rich, full-bodied grain whiskey—an exclusive creation that’s malted, fermented, distilled, and aged entirely in Cyprus.

Unveiling the Kythrea Experience

  • Strength: 50.6% ABV
  • Color: Deep Amber-Ruby

A Journey Through the Senses

Nose: Indulge in inviting aromas of toasted oak, complemented by hints of vanilla, toffee, and buttery citrus zest.

Taste: Experience a full-bodied palate with notes of orange fruit, intertwined with pepper undertones and the subtle allure of dried raisins.

Finish: Revel in a long, hearty finish, characterized by a delightful interplay of spicy nuttiness and caramel sweetness.

Embrace the Uniqueness

Embark on a journey of discovery with Kythrea Single Malt Ex Bourbon Cask—a Cyprus Whisky masterpiece meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of our island’s terroir. Savor the richness, embrace the uniqueness, and let the spirit of Kythrea captivate your senses.

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