Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition 700ml 50.3%


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Embrace the extraordinary with the Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition, a whisky that exemplifies the epitome of craftsmanship and the artistry of flavor. Crafted through a meticulous maturation process in a harmonious blend of ex-Bourbon American oak and sherry seasoned European oak casks, this whisky embodies a sensory journey that transcends the conventional.


Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition: A Fusion of Pear, Almond, and Vanilla


The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition presents an extraordinary blend of flavors. Born from a meticulous maturation process in ex-Bourbon American oak and sherry seasoned European oak casks. Immerse yourself in a captivating world of taste, where the essence of fresh pear and almond biscotti commands the stage. Thus delivering an unparalleled sensory experience.

The Experience

Colour: Golden Barley

Nose: Elegantly fragrant with hints of pear and elderflower, complemented by subtle almond notes and the richness of vanilla pod.

Palate/Taste: Indulge in the sweetness of creamy vanilla, the succulence of juicy pears, and the zest of lemon peel, all delicately intertwined with the essence of oak.

Finish: A medium finish laced with the sweetness of oak and the delightful presence of almond biscotti.

ABV: 50.3%

Whisky Maker Note

At its full strength (50.3%), the distinctive character of this whisky is dominated by the essence of pear. With just ‘one cut’ of water, reducing the strength to 40%, the almond biscotti undertone emerges. Thus creating a harmonious blend of flavors.

Water as the Key

Embark on an unconventional sensory journey with The Macallan Classic Cut 2023 Edition. Unveiling an evolving flavor profile, the addition of ‘one cut’ of water enhances the whisky, unlocking a vibrant universe of diverse flavors, far from the ordinary.

Marks of Distinction

From the Cask Each bottle of Macallan single malt epitomizes our relentless dedication to the artistry of wood and spirit that has defined The Macallan since its inception in 1824. It exemplifies our pursuit of the extraordinary and our quest to craft unparalleled single malts.

Renowned for exceptional oak casks, sourced, crafted, toasted, and seasoned under the keen eye of the Master of Wood, our hand-picked casks meet the exacting standards of the Whisky Mastery Team. Resting undisturbed in these casks for years, the maturing spirit acquires the esteemed qualities that warrant its place as a Macallan expression. It is the oak that shapes the exceptional quality, natural hues, and distinct aromas and flavors at the core of this remarkable single malt whisky.

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