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Released in May 2022, Fine Cacao is the second in an annual series from Macallan titled The Harmony Collection. The project is spearheaded by the distilleries efforts to focus on sustainability. Fine Cacao premiered at The Macallan Airport Boutiques from May 2022, before being made available to global travel retailers from June 2022.


The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao: A Whisky-Chocolate Symphony

Unveiling the Symphony of Flavors and Sustainability

Explore the unique collaboration between The Macallan and Jordi Roca, owner of El Celler de Can Roca, in The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao. This single malt whisky is not just a celebration of rich flavors but also a testament to sustainable innovation and environmental responsibility.

A Harmony of Tastes: Whisky and Chocolate

Immerse yourself in the artful blend of milk chocolate tones that define The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao. Crafted under the expertise of Whisky Maker Polly Logan and inspired by her visit to Jordi Roca’s Casa Cacao in Girona, this limited edition single malt delivers a tasting experience that harmonizes with the finest chocolates.

Sustainable Luxury in Every Sip

Witness a commitment to sustainability from the first Global Travel Retail edition of The Harmony Collection. The packaging, a testament to nature’s connection, is not only simple and beautiful but also 100% recyclable. The box, made from cacao husks, breathes new life into a by-product that would otherwise go to waste, showcasing a dedication to sustainable practices.

The Environmental Footprint

Delve into the details of the packaging’s eco-friendly composition: from the front and back labels made from organic cacao shell to the outer box wrap featuring a blend of cacao shell, post-consumer waste, and virgin fiber. Even the ribbon, a crucial element for strength and durability, is crafted from FSC-certified virgin wood pulp.

A Multi-Sensory Experience

Engage your senses with the delightful characteristics of The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao:

Colour: Toasted cacao beans
Aroma: Chocolate, butter toffee, oak, pear
Palate: Chocolate-covered raisins, ginger warmth, fig, marzipan
Finish: Medium, with chocolate

ABV: 40%

The Macallan Harmony Collection Fine Cacao, with its exceptional combination of European and American oak casks. Promises a symphony of tastes, elevating the experience of whisky and chocolate pairing. Indulge in this limited annual release and savor the richness of flavors while contributing to a sustainable future.

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