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Thomas Dakin Gin is a Manchester Gin with a legacy. Small-batched with a fine blend of eleven botanicals and made to centuries-old methods. A smooth, spicy, juniper-led gin. Thoma Dakin Gin is a Mancunian tribute to the distilling pioneer of the same name, creator of the very first high-quality English Gin in 1761. Handcrafted in small batches, using a juniper-led blend of eleven of the finest botanicals, distilled in a baby copper pot still following centuries-old traditions. This craft gin is rich, smooth and complex, with outstanding notes of earthy juniper, sweet orange and spicy red cole, with a fresh and lingering finish.


Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin: Crafted Legacy of a Gin Pioneer

Unmistakable Character in Every Sip

Handcrafted Excellence

Elevate your gin experience with Thomas Dakin, a small batch gin meticulously crafted to embody the unmistakable character inspired by its namesake, Thomas Dakin. This exceptional gin is produced using the finest botanicals, ensuring a premium quality that stands out in every pour.

Traditional Craftsmanship

In the heart of the distillation process lies a baby copper pot still, where Thomas Dakin is artfully brought to life. This traditional juniper-led gin boasts a harmonious blend of botanicals, with delightful notes of sweet orange and citrus. What sets it apart is the infusion of red cole (horseradish), a distinctive root botanical that adds a unique layer to the flavor profile, delivering a long and lingering finish.

The Legacy

A Gin Pioneer

Thomas Dakin, a young entrepreneur with a visionary spirit, began distilling his gin at the age of 25 in the north of England. In 1761, well before the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, Dakin pioneered the development and refinement of high-quality English gin. His inventive and enlightened approach set the stage for a superior spirit and established an unrivaled gin distilling heritage and legacy.

Rich Heritage

No other gin carries such a rich historical background. Thomas Dakin is truly the forefather of quality English gin. His commitment to quality and innovation laid the foundation for an enduring legacy that continues with each bottle of Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin.

Elevate Your Gin Experience

Indulge in the heritage and craftsmanship of Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin. From the traditional distillation methods to the infusion of unique botanicals, every aspect is a testament to the legacy of the pioneer who redefined the world of English gin.

Order your bottle today and savor the exceptional character and rich history encapsulated in every drop of Thomas Dakin Small Batch Gin. Cheers to a gin experience unlike any other!

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