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The Tia Maria 2 Glasses by Illva Saronno: a liqueurs & crèmes with origins in Italy. At Drinks&Co, users evaluate the Tia Maria 2 Glasses with an average score of 0 points out of 5.


Tia Maria Liqueur Gift Set with 2 Glasses – The Perfect Blend of Elegance and Flavor

Indulge in the exquisite world of Tia Maria Liqueur with our exclusive Tia Maria + 2 Glasses gift set. Crafted with care and precision, this remarkable bundle is designed to elevate your drinking experience to new heights. Whether you’re a connoisseur of fine liqueurs or looking for a delightful gift, Tia Maria has you covered.

Tia Maria Liqueur has consistently been cherished for its unparalleled blend of premium Arabica coffee beans and Jamaican rum. Greeted by the harmonious fusion of coffee, vanilla, and caramel notes. Thus culminating in a smooth, velvety finish that lingers on the palate.

This exclusive gift set includes two elegantly designed glasses that are not just vessels for your drink but also a statement of style. Crafted to enhance the aroma and taste of Tia Maria. These glasses will elevate your sipping experience to a whole new level.

Here are some key features of this Tia Maria gift set:

  1. Premium Quality Liqueur: Tia Maria is renowned for its superior quality ingredients, ensuring a taste that’s second to none.
  2. Versatile Enjoyment: Whether you prefer it on the rocks, in your coffee, or as an essential ingredient in cocktails, offering endless possibilities.
  3. Stylish Glasses: The two included glasses are not only functional but also add a touch of sophistication to your drinkware collection.
  4. Perfect Gift: Whether it’s a special occasion or just a thoughtful gesture, this gift set is an ideal present for any spirits enthusiast.
  5. Memorable Moments: Share moments of joy, laughter, and conversation with friends and loved ones over a glass of Tia Maria.
  6. Elevated Home Bar: Transform your home bar into a place of sophistication with this Tia Maria gift set.

Indulge in the world of Tia Maria and discover why it has been a beloved choice. Whether you’re sipping it solo or sharing it with friends, this Tia Maria Liqueur Gift Set with 2 Glasses is a testament to elegance, flavor, and memorable moments. Don’t miss the opportunity to savor the taste of this exquisite liqueur. Order yours today and elevate your drinking experience to a new level of sophistication. Cheers to the perfect blend!

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