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Vlassides Grifos 3 is a captivating rosé wine inspired by ancient geometry and the timeless art of winemaking.

The name “Grifos” refers to the three eternal conundrums of Ancient Greek mathematicians, depicted on the labels of this exquisite wine series.

Grifos 3 specifically represents the challenge of “Squaring the Circle,” a nod to the complexity and precision involved in crafting this delightful rosé.

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Vlassides Grifos 3 Rosé Wine

Discover the exquisite Vlassides Grifos 3, a rosé wine inspired by ancient Greek geometry and winemaking traditions. This exceptional blend invites you to explore the rich history and intricate conundrums that have fascinated mathematicians for centuries. Experience the essence of this unique wine, crafted with precision and passion.

The Inspiration Behind Grifos 3

The name “Grifos” is derived from ancient Greek, meaning riddles or brain-teasers. The labels on the Vlassides Grifos wines feature three famous mathematical puzzles: Doubling the cube, Trisecting the angle, and Squaring the circle. Grifos 3 symbolizes the challenge of squaring the circle, a fitting metaphor for the complexity and balance achieved in this remarkable rosé.

Exceptional Grape Varieties

Grifos 3 is a harmonious blend of two classic grape varieties, Shiraz and Grenache. The grapes are sourced from non-irrigated vineyards in Kilani and Pachna, where they thrive in calcareous soil. This unique terroir contributes to the wine’s distinct character and flavor profile.

Varietal Composition:

  • 60% Shiraz
  • 40% Grenache

Meticulous Vinification Process

The production of Grifos 3 involves a meticulous vinification process. The grapes undergo crushing and maceration to extract their vibrant color and primary aromas. This process lasts for 18 to 20 hours, followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 15°C. The wine is then bottled at the beginning of November, capturing its fresh and aromatic essence.

Perfect Serving Suggestions

Grifos 3 is best enjoyed fresh and cool, served at a temperature of 10-12°C. This ensures that the wine’s delicate flavors and aromas are fully appreciated. Whether you’re pairing it with a light summer salad, seafood, or enjoying it on its own, Grifos 3 is sure to delight your senses.

Why Choose Grifos 3?

Vlassides Grifos 3 stands out for its unique blend of Shiraz and Grenache, cultivated in premium vineyards. The wine reflects the dedication and expertise of Vlassides Winery, offering a perfect balance of tradition and innovation. Indulge in the sophisticated flavors and rich heritage of Grifos 3, and let it transport you to the enchanting world of ancient Greek winemaking.

Experience the allure of Vlassides Grifos 3 today. Celebrate the art of winemaking and the timeless puzzles that continue to inspire us.

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