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Brian Nation is the head distiller at Midleton Distillery and this has been created by him to highlight the underlying quality of the spirit at the distillery.

According to Irish Distillers this ‘Delivers a smooth mouthfeel and gentle notes of apricot, cinnamon and melon, The Distiller’s Safe pays respect to the character of the distillate. Long before barrels make their mark, a pot still has the first say.’


Jameson The Distillers Safe: A Tribute to Mastery

Discover the artistry of Jameson Head Distiller, Brian Nation, with The Distillers Safe, a distinguished Irish Whiskey that stands as a tribute to his unparalleled expertise in the realm of whiskey crafting. As part of the Whiskey Makers Series, this exceptional spirit showcases the mastery of the Irish pot still and the precise control afforded by the distiller’s safe.

Unveiling Craftsmanship

Derived from the official Jameson Whiskey Makers Series, The Distiller’s Safe embodies the skill and dedication of Brian Nation. The distiller’s safe, under his command, allows for quality confirmation without the need to open the pot still, emphasizing the precision and artistry involved in every step of the distillation process.

Sensory Delight: Nose

Indulge your senses in a journey from floral perfume to fresh herbs and lively spices. The carefully selected distillates harmoniously blend the subtle sweetness of Irish grain whiskey with the robust character of the Irish pot still. Notes of barley sugar, succulent grapefruit, green pepper, and a hint of marzipan create a nuanced olfactory experience, showcasing the complexity of The Distiller’s Safe.

Culinary Symphony: Taste

The flavor profile of The Distiller’s Safe unfolds with the sweetness of barley sugar, evolving into hints of cinnamon and a touch of liquorice. A vibrant note of mandarin orange dances alongside the nuttiness of ground almond, creating a rich and captivating palate that reflects the depth of Brian Nation’s expertise.

Graceful Conclusion: Finish

The journey concludes with a light and zesty finish, where barley makes a late and memorable appearance. The lingering notes leave a lasting impression, inviting you to savor the craftsmanship and finesse encapsulated in every drop of The Distiller’s Safe.

Experience the culmination of tradition, mastery, and flavor in this exceptional Irish Whiskey from Jameson. Elevate your spirits with The Distiller’s Safe – a celebration of the art and expertise that defines the Jameson legacy.

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