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  • Experience the culmination of artistry, expertise, and groundbreaking design with The Macallan Concept Number 3, the final masterpiece in the exclusive Concept Series. Concept Number 3 is the zenith of The Macallan’s Concept Series, a collection that harmoniously blends the art of whisky-making with creativity and culture. This series stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing collaboration with visionaries from diverse fields.

The Macallan Concept Number 3: A Fusion of Whisky and Design

The Concept Series: Where Artistry Meets Whisky

Concept Number 3 stands as the crowning jewel in The Macallan Concept Series, a captivating collection that seamlessly marries the craftsmanship of whisky making with the realms of creativity and culture.

Uniting Two Forms of Creative Artistry

The Macallan Concept Number 3 marks the culmination of a unique collaboration between The Macallan and David Carson, a trailblazing contemporary graphic designer. Renowned for his groundbreaking work in magazine design and experimental typography, Carson brings his visionary style to the forefront, drawing inspiration from his time at The Macallan Estate alongside Whisky Maker Polly Logan.

The Art of Design: Carson’s Inspiration

David Carson’s innovative approach and vibrant design resonate throughout Concept Number 3. Infused with the spirit of his time spent at The Macallan Estate, this whisky embodies the essence of Carson’s work—vibrant, striking, refreshing, and colorful.

Tasting Notes

Color: California Gold

Nose: Sweet fresh pear and apricot, gentle oak spice – cinnamon and ginger. Vanilla with sweet citrus.

Palate: Warming oak spice, apple, pear, vanilla with a delicate herbal influence. Full creamy mouthfeel like a pasteis de nata.

Finish: Medium sweet with pastry.

ABV: 40.8%

An Exceptional Release

Concept No. 3 is a testament to The Macallan’s commitment to delivering an extraordinary taste experience. With notes of pear, cinnamon, and vanilla, the whisky boasts a California Gold hue, paying homage to David Carson’s roots. The 40.8% ABV is not only the optimal strength for flavor and aroma but also holds personal significance for both Polly and David, being their favorite number.

Crafted Excellence

This exceptional release derives its richness from first-fill sherry butts, complemented by the sweetness and freshness from ex-bourbon barrels. The balance and spice in Concept Number 3 can be attributed to the carefully selected refill and virgin American Oak casks, resulting in a whisky that transcends tradition and exemplifies true artistry.

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