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This whisky is blended in the Scotch tradition with Japanese precision and offers a smooth, light blend made from Japanese malt whisky and grain whiskies.Pairs exceptionally well with Japanese food such as fresh sushi and salty edamame.Tasting Notes:Nose: Herbs and pine. Hints of white grape, lemon, yellow apple and angelica fruits. Dry oak, with lavender and floral undertones.


Akashi Red Label Blended Whisky: A Symphony of Japanese Craftsmanship

Embracing Honesty: The Essence of Akashi Red Label

Guided by the motto “With Honesty,” Eigashima’s ninth-generation leader, Mr. Hiraishi, upholds uncompromising standards for every drop of Akashi Red Label Blended Whisky. A testament to this commitment, this exquisite whisky undergoes a meticulous aging process that involves American White Oak Shochu casks for 2 years, ex-bourbon casks, and a final touch in ex-sherry casks for 1 year.

Discovering Tradition at Eigashima Shuzo Distillery

Immerse yourself in a legacy that spans centuries as you explore the essence of Eigashima Shuzo, one of Japan’s oldest family-run distilleries with a remarkable 100 years of whisky-making expertise. Established in 1679, this distinguished distillery, once ranked among the top 100 corporations during the Meiji era, is a living testament to Japanese craftsmanship.

Pioneering Excellence Since 1919

Eigashima Shuzo began its journey in 1888, crafting sake and shochu with unwavering dedication to traditional Japanese techniques. In 1919, it made history by becoming the first distillery in Japan to obtain a whisky-making license. Nestled in the city of Akashi, renowned for its pristine air and water, Eigashima stands as the only distillery in Japan located in such close proximity to the sea.

A Symphony of Flavors

Experience the elegance of Akashi Red Label as it captivates your senses with rich stone fruit and citrus notes. This harmonious blend unfolds with a mellow vanilla flavor, leaving a lasting impression on the palate.

Tasting Notes:

Color: Bright amber
Nose: Vanilla, honey, with hints of apricot and dried fruit.
Palate: Clean and smooth, followed by chestnuts, spicy oaks, and salted caramel sauce.
Finish: A lingering, long finish with a touch of saltiness that complements seafood perfectly.

Crafted at Eigashima Distillery: Details at a Glance

Distillery: Eigashima Distillery
Alcohol Content: 40%
Volume: 500ml
Ingredients: Malt, Grain

Indulge in the legacy of Eigashima Shuzo and savor the artistry within each sip of Akashi Red Label Blended Whisky – a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. Elevate your moments with this Japanese masterpiece, embodying the spirit of authenticity and craftsmanship.

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