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Akashi White Oak Japanese Whisky has a malty, citrusy aroma with scents of black cherry, toffee and oak.

This whisky is made with a variety of wheat, barley and rye with hints of subtle peat.

Notes of vanilla and pine nuts dominate the palate, and lead to a long, malty finish.

Excellent introduction to the Japanese whisky category, those looking for a segway into Scotch, or an every day drinking dram.


Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Unveiling the Toji Mastery in Whisky Craftsmanship

Discover the unparalleled artistry behind Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky, a unique libation crafted by a Toji, a grand-master in the traditional Japanese art of sake making. This distinctive approach infuses the whisky-making process with time-honored sake methodologies, setting Akashi apart as the only whisky in the world to bear this prestigious distinction.

Small Pot, Big Impact: The Distillation Process

The use of a smaller distil pot distinguishes Akashi from both Scottish and other Japanese distilleries. This meticulous choice reduces fusel alcohol levels, eliminating the need for an extended aging process. The result is a core malt (cask strength) that embodies unparalleled smoothness and delicacy.

Maturation Journey: From Shochu to Bourbon to Sherry

Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky embarks on a 5-year maturation journey, starting in Japanese Shochu casks made of American White Oak for 3 years. Following this, it matures in ex-bourbon casks, imparting additional layers of flavor. The grand finale occurs during the last 2 years, as the whisky refines its character in ex-sherry casks. Thus achieving a harmonious balance of nuanced notes.

Tasting the Symphony of Flavors

Nose: Indulge in a malty, citrusy aroma that intertwines with hints of black cherry, toffee, and oak.

Taste: Savor the dominance of vanilla and pine nuts on the palate, leading to a protracted, malty finish that lingers, creating a truly memorable tasting experience.

Aesthetics and Origins

Colour: Behold the captivating orange amber gold hue that captivates the eye, foreshadowing the richness within.

Distillery: Crafted with precision and passion at the Eigashima Distillery. Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky is a testament to Japanese artistry.

Alcohol Content: At a balanced 40%, this exquisite blend ensures a delightful sipping experience.

Volume: Presented in a 500ml bottle, Akashi is a refined addition to any collection.

Ingredients: Meticulously curated from malt and grain, Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky is a symphony of carefully selected elements.

Elevate your whisky experience with Akashi White Oak Blended Whisky — a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, meticulously crafted to delight the senses.

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