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Akashi Toji Japanese Blended Whisky. Akashi whisky is the only whisky in the world that is made by a Toji (grand-master in the art of sake making) by implementing sake-making methodologies into the whisky making process.

The distil pot used is smaller than those used by both Scottish and other Japanese distilleries, which in turn, decreases the levels of fusel alcohol.

As a result, Akashi whisky does not require as long of an ageing process, while its core malt (cask strength) is smooth and delicate.


Unveiling Akashi Toji Whisky – A Sip of Japanese Artistry

Elevate Your Senses with a Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Discover the unparalleled craftsmanship of Akashi Toji Blended whisky, a true masterpiece that stands as the epitome of Japanese artistry. In the world of whisky, Akashi holds a unique distinction – it is the only whisky crafted by a Toji, a grand-master in the art of sake making. This infusion of sake-making methodologies into the whisky production process sets Akashi apart, creating a spirit that captures the essence of two revered traditions.

The Distillation Difference: Small Pots, Big Impact

At the heart of Akashi Toji Blended lies the distinctive distillation process. The pot used for distillation is notably smaller than those employed by Scottish and other Japanese distilleries. This deliberate choice reduces the levels of fusel alcohol, imparting a smooth and delicate character to the core malt (cask strength). Unlike many whiskies that demand extensive aging, Akashi achieves its exceptional quality without the need for prolonged maturation.

A Symphony of Flavors Unveiled: Tasting Notes

  • Nose: Indulge in the harmonious blend of honey, pepper, vanilla, and a subtle hint of peat.
  • Palate: Savor the complexity with notes of honey, chocolate, pepper, oak, vanilla, and the richness of dried fruits.
  • Finish: Experience a lingering finale with honey, spices, and a dash of cinnamon, creating a memorable and extended finish.

Unveiling the Distillery: Eigashima Distillery

Akashi Toji Blended is a product of the esteemed Eigashima Distillery, a bastion of Japanese craftsmanship. This distillery, with its commitment to excellence, brings forth a whisky that reflects the rich heritage and dedication to quality.

Embrace the Experience: Specifications

  • Alcohol Content: 40%
  • Volume: 700ml
  • Ingredients: Malt, grain

In every sip, Akashi Toji Blended transcends the ordinary, inviting you on a journey of flavors meticulously crafted by a Toji’s expertise. Elevate your whisky collection with this extraordinary expression that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation. Experience the essence of Japanese artistry with every pour of Akashi Toji Blended.

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